My ex-wifeʼs birthday was rapidly approaching.  Since we remained on friendly terms after our divorce, I set out to buy her a card.  Not a sentimental or reconciliation card, but one that would make her laugh.  After visiting several greeting card stores and talking to a few of the shop owners, it became apparent that cards specifically dedicated to an ex did not exist.  Knowing that most relationships don’t last forever, I realized that many others may want to send a card to their exes.   That event marked the beginning of the My Ex line of greeting cards.  I enlisted the help of my brother and two creative ʻyounger guysʼ and we began the process of designing and writing the cards.






We believe many people would.  The practice of staying in touch with an ex and communicating on a regular basis has become commonplace in today’s society.  Pop-culture, through TV shows and other media platforms, has confirmed that this attitude is a sign of the times.   My Ex cards are not only intended for those who have been married, but also for anyone who has ever been in a relationship that didnʼt work out.  In other words, just about everybody can send (or receive!) a My Ex card.  And, of course, new exes are being ‘created’ every day.





My Ex cards are designed for a specific occasion, although most of the cards can be sent to an ex at anytime.  These include Just For Fun, Thinking Of You & Not Thinking Of You cards. Real-life scenarios are depicted which might have caused a break-up, or were just everyday annoyances within a coupleʼs life together.  The cards are slightly edgy and humorous, as mocking an exʼs shortcomings – real or perceived – are a common theme.  When someone picks up a My Ex card, we want her/him to laugh, and think, “Thatʼs my ex!”  We hope you enjoy the My Ex line of cards as much as we enjoyed the process of creating them.